Animal Testing is Vital to Medical Advances Essay

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Research is responsible for virtually all the medical breakthroughs there have been- there are medicines and vaccines and cures and treatments and more life saving benefits being developed today- but an important factor to the development of medical advances is the inclusion of animals in research. Virtually almost everyone alive has benefited from the medical advances made feasible through animal testing. According to my aunt Blanca, who is a mother of a child who was diagnosed with severe epilepsy says, “We should be thankful and supportive of animal testing” (Perez). When I questioned her whether she believed testing animals was cruel she said, “Nobody wishes for animals to be used in this form, and I believe animals should be used only…show more content…
We would not have a rabies vaccine, we would not have a smallpox vaccine, we would not have leprosy treatments, we would not have insulin .For example from 1796 to 2002 there have been advances such as the discovery of immunity mechanisms, the development of a Tetanus vaccine, and the development of an anthrax vaccine (Medical Advances through Animal Research). Year Medical Advancement Animal credited 1796 Smallpox vaccine developed Cow 1881 Anthrax vaccine developed Sheep 1885 Rabies vaccine developed Dog, Rabbit 1902 Lifecyle of Malaria discovered Pigeon 1919 Immunity mechanisms discovered Rabbit, Horse, Guinea Pig 1921 Insulin discovered Dog, Fish 1932 Neuron function discovered Cat, Dog 1933 Tetanus vaccine developed Horse 1939 Anticoagulants developed Cat 1954 Polio vaccine developed Mouse, Monkey 1956 Open-heart surgery & pacemakers developed Dog 1964 Cholesterol regulation discovered Rat 1973 Social & behavioral patterns in animals discovered Fish, Bee, Bird 1982 Leprosy treatment developed Armadillo 1990 Organ transplant techniques advanced Dog, Pig, Sheep, Cow 1997 Prions discovered & characterized Hamster, Mouse 2000 Brain signal transduction discovered Sea Slug, Mouse, Rat 2002 Cell death mechanism discovered Worm (Fig.1. Medical Advances Through Animal
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