Animal Testing: the Animal Rights Debate. New York: the Rosen Publishing

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Phung Ung Lisa Spears English 2030 4/20/2011 Literature Review: Annotations Books: Hayhurst, Chris. Animal Testing: The Animal Rights Debate. New York: The Rosen Publishing Group, Inc. 2000. Print. Summary/Description: This book discusses the pros and cons of animal testing. It gives a brief history of the animal right movement, and It also address the legal and ethical issues involved around this cruel testing. The Animal Act was rejected by Congress in the United States and animal testing became a part of scientific and medical life. Evaluation/Assessment: It is really bad that the U.S rejected the Animal Act and still continue to use animal as a tool. This important point right here could be a great help on how cruelty the…show more content…
This piece shows how half of the society who do involve with science maintain the idea of using animal for experimental and want to distributed more to the world. I could use this one as one of the reason why people should not use animal for scientific research and the bias and none so reliable about this piece. Quotation: N/A Saucier, Donald A., and Mary E. Cain. "The Foundations of Attitudes About Animal Research." Ethics & Behavior 16.2 (2006): 117-133. Academic Search Premier. EBSCO.Web. 18 Apr. 2011. Summary/Description: This is investigating two study cases. Study one investigated the thematic foundations for the decision that animal research is or is not ethical by examining the content of essays written by participants explaining why they do or do not support the use of animals in research. The result was that individuals who believed animal research was ethical most often beliefs that animal research furthered human well-being, provided mechanisms to cure disease, and was well-regulated. Individuals who believed animal research was not ethical most often beliefs that animal research was inhumane, unnecessary, and nonconsensual. Study two used the themes to create a scale to assess animal research attitudes. Evaluation/Assessment: This is really useful because it will help support my argument. I could use study 1 about the decision that animal research is or is not ethical to back up my argument point. This is a great and organize piece. There
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