Animal Totems and Guides

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Animal Totems & Guides

Animal totems and guides may present for long or short periods of time and are directly connected to what is presenting your life and/or what lessons are meant for you now. Tune into whether or not the relationship with your animal totem is meant for a number of days or years. Let this powerful animal relationship lead you forward in terms of new knowledge or awareness about your core traits. Animal totems might be presenting to teach you through emotional aspects such as strength, patience, insecurity, fear, confidence or anger. In short, animal totems help us to learn about our ultimate truths in life. They may present in your meditative space and/or your dream space bringing much-needed lessons. It is also common that animal totems are a spiritual tool for you. I.e., when you see this animal it is your spiritual reminder to Ground. The time frame in which a particular animal totem is in your life directly correlates with how well you recognize, learn and then incorporate the knowledge into your life.

Be mindful that your animal totem/s (and we do have more than one) have chosen you! They will present when you are fully and completely ready to accept and realize the lessons in their coming. Most often, your animal totems are wild animals as opposed to domesticated. This is not always the case but often is. Use your gift of Claircognizance (clear knowing) to discern this. Your will know there is a higher knowing message for you when the animal
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