Essay on Animal Usage is Needed to Benefit the Human Race

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Animal Usage is Needed to Benefit the Human Race

In today's world, one could split our country into two groups. One is those who are for animal rights in every aspect, and the other is those who are not. Those who are for animals' rights are commonly labeled "Vegans" by people of the opposing viewpoint, and sometimes even by their own. These people may belong to certain organizations such as PETA, People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals, or ALF, the Animal Liberation Front. These people commonly believe that animals should have every right that a human has. Animal Rights Activists generally think that people don't have the right to eat, own, hunt, or use animals in any way, or for any reason. This would mean people who eat meat on
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Those animals that we eat have the same diet as many vegetarians. So, not only would every person on the planet be eating vegetables and fruits, but all of those animals that we would no longer be able to consume would be eating the same food. Another point along these lines would be that humans are omnivores. Humans through the ages have eaten meat and vegetables. Our tooth structure only proves this. Herbivores do not have pointed teeth, which are generally used for gripping and tearing textures of food such as meat. Sure, animals feel pain, but it is surely much more painful to die of starvation than to die of a quick death, which is also what most humans wish for.

Many Animal Rights Activists, ARA's, have this idea that animals should not be used as pets. They think all the animals that we have in our homes should be free. All animals should live on open range. They believe it is an animals right not to be owned. Are animals really used as pets, though? Companionship usually comes from two sides. If dogs are capable of love and hate, they wouldn't show hate by greeting their owner with an excited grin every night when they arrive home.

Hunting laws and regulations are being pushed heavily by the ARA's. Their thoughts are that hunting is cruel, and humans use it mainly as sport. Animals should never be shot. Animals, in their eyes, shouldn't be exploited in any way, for human pleasure. For many people, hunting is a job.
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