Animal, Vegetable, Miserable By Gary Steiner

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People today are more diverse and open minded than they used to be, they want to try new things. Maybe to eat healthier, or become humane. But some like to stick to the traditions, to what they know. Gary Steiner’s Essay “Animal,Vegetable, Miserable” evaluates society’s procedure when it comes to animal consumption. He further explains his take on things, and why the stance of being a vegan in today’s society can be a very hard one. In the segment of “The Ethical Choices in What We Eat” is an array of analysis and opinions back to editor involving the essay, “Animal, Vegetable, Miserable” by Gary Steiner. Including thoughts on Steiner’s argument and what it truly means to be vegan. Is there really black and white when it comes to being a…show more content…
What is considered humane? Humane means the act of showing compassion, or inflicting the minimum of pain. Steiner mentions that “ Many people soothe their consciences by purchasing only free-range fowl and eggs.”. He continues to say, “Even if it is raised “free range,” it still lives a life of pain and confinement that ends with the butcher’s knife.”. I feel like the term “free range” should count for something. It shows that meat adoring people are trying to take that step towards giving animals quality of life. No matter how short. And how does he know that a every fowl labeled “free range” lived a life of pain and confinement? He doesn’t! That fowl could’ve lived a life being well fed and happy, and died in a very humane way. Because of that fowl’s intended use. In the segment, “The Ethical Choices in What We Eat” Alexander Mauskop says, “It is hard to imagine where a line can be drawn. We kill so many living creatures when we build a house, construct a road, drive down that road or just walk on a path. How far do we go in protecting them?”. If we were to consider animals as equals, than we would give up the everyday choices like constructing a road or building your dream house. Because you wanted to protect a habitat. I think the biggest obstacle when becoming vegetarian is the education. I’ve heard that most people try and fail to go vegan, because they couldn’t fulfill their needs just on a plant based diet. Or

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