Animal Vivisection Is A Essential Aspect Of All Sciences

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Experimentation is a vital aspect of all sciences, as it validates hypothesis and furthers scientific development. However, many believe that science crosses the line when animals become subjected to experimentation as a way to further research. This is a controversial topic, as it examines what to us, as humans, is more important, morality or science? These animals are forced to endure pain and suffering, in an attempt to prolong and ease the lives of humans. Animal vivisection is unethical, and there are alternatives that can be utilized, therefore, it should be lessened, and ultimately eradicated. Firstly, it is important to understand what exactly animal vivisection is, as well as the aspects of science in which it is used.…show more content…
This is when companies test certain compounds, such as makeup, on animals to determine if they are safe for human use. The testing of vaccines on animals also occurs to ensure that they are benign to human use. In relation to vaccine testing, large quantities of animals are used during each test, to guarantee the validity of the trial. The final aspect of science that uses vivisection is education. In this area of science, animals are often killed prior to the studies, which typically are the dissection of the animals. Vivisection is commonly used in these five areas of science, as a way to test products, or to validate or disprove hypothesis. It becomes clear that animal vivisection should be outlawed when examining the statistics on animals that are used for experiments. The most startling fact pertaining to animal vivisection is that there is no solid statistics in relation to the amount of animals that are used in experiments:
The Office of Technology Assessment, which provides official statistics on the numbers of animals used, maintains that it is not possible to know even whether the number of animals used [in experimentation] is increasing or decreasing. Their quote from 1986 [estimates that] between seventeen and twenty-two million animals [were used] in research. (Donni)
While there is no agreed upon number of the amount of animals
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