Animal Vs. Plant Based Diets / Food Systems

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Fork Over Knives is a movie about animal vs. plant based diets / food systems. In this film, the producers found that some degenerative diseases can be prevented by avoiding the typical American diet consisting of animal–based protein and processed foods. Dr. Campbell from Cornell University appears in the film as a nutritional scientist. Over 40 years ago he was focusing on producing animal protein of good quality to help malnourished people in the third world countries. However, he found out that, in the Philippines, the children who were consuming relatively large amounts of animal-based foods had a higher incidence of developing cancer of the liver.
Dr. Esseltyn is a top surgeon in the film from the Cleveland Clinic. He found out that many of the disease that we in America struggle with are not common in cultures where they rarely consume meat or other animal products. Their discoveries inspired them to conduct several interesting studies. One of these studies took place over in China and was a very thorough study. During the research, they noted some important findings regarding common American diseases. These diseases such as cardiovascular disease, adult diabetes, and some cancers, could in many cases be prevented by consuming a diet consisting primarily of food from plants. The study’s findings were relatively unknown to the general public. This film also introduced the novel idea of food as medicine. The film follows actual people with chronic diseases /…
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