Animal Welfare ( Dairy Cattle ) Code Of Welfare Essay

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Animal Welfare (Dairy Cattle) Code of Welfare 2014 Overview This code gives animal owner and the person in charge of the animals’ guidelines of minimum standard of care and management taken when caring for dairy cows in New Zealand. The code of welfare for dairy cows would be especially important as the dairy industry is becoming increasingly important in New Zealand, the high demand in dairy product would mean more farmers would have to provide adequate care and welfare for the ever increasing dairy cows produced. This code gives the owner or the person in charge of the animals a list of 6 minimum standards to follow whilst managing dairy cows, the minimum standards listed includes the stockmanship, the physical environment, health, and husbandry practices. The owner or person in charge of the cattle must follow the minimum requirements, the failure to comply to the minimum standards may be used as evidence to prosecute under the Animal Welfare Act (1999). Positive Attributes The code of welfare for dairy cows at part 4.4 states that cow and calves must be able to lie down and rest for a sufficient amount of time per day to meet their behavioural needs (Placeholder1). This is proven to an important aspect while managing dairy cows as providing an open paddock for the cows to lie down and rest would increase the cows’ well-being and comfort as well as increasing production (D. B. Haley, J. Rushen, & A. M. de Passillé, 2000), as opposed to cows being housed in tie-stalls
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