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Informational Interview Donna K. Lane Animal Behaviorist Psych3210 Summer, 2014 HYPERLINK Dr. Celeste Hill Introduction When I started my courses in the field of Psychology, I had no idea how much it went side by side with the field of employment I hope to obtain in the future. Animals and Psychology have always been my two favorite studies. I didnt realize until after doing research and an informational interview, just how much Psychology is intertwined with the position of an Animal Behaviorist. After conducting an informational interview with Dr. Katherine Leighty, Science Operations Manager over Walt Disneys Animal Kingdom, and doing further research, I found that…show more content…
She then realized that she was more interested in how and why animals act the way they do and just started concentrating on the Animal Behavior part through Psychology (Dr. K. Leighty, informational interview, September 2, 2014). Dr. Leighty also told me that when she was doing an internship working with Chimps, learning how to collect behavioral data, to have a comparative model she also worked with human children collecting the same types of data (Dr. K. Leighty, informational interview, September 2, 2014). Dr. Leightys interview gave me so much more to go on in my pursuit of becoming an Animal Behaviorist. She enlightened me on the courses I should be thinking about taking in college. She also told me I was on the right path with taking Psychology and continuing with the different Psychology courses in relation to Animal Behavior. I have always thought Psychology was needed in the study of animals. I just didnt realize just how much until this paper and interview. Psychology is the study of the it in humans or animals. Throughout my research I found many ways Animal Behaviorists and Psychologists use the same research methods and observational studies. One of the ways the two study/and or research is through Naturalistic Observation. As Charles Darwin used Naturalistic Observation on his journey aboard the HMS
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