Animals : A Source Of Food

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Did you know that sheep where the first known animals to have been domesticates as a source of food? This occurred in the Middle East and the proof lies in the high proportion of bones of one-year-old sheep discarded in what it now northern Iraq. Not long after, the goat followed and these two animals become the standard animals of the nomadic pastoralists, tribes that move all year long with their flocks that were guided by the availability of fresh grass. Soon, cattle and pigs are domesticated, in more settled communities (History of the Domestication of Animals). The purpose behind herding or keeping animals such as sheep, goats, cattle, and pigs is to provide needs of man. For example, they produce dung to manure the crops. Once the animals die, they provide leather and wool for garments, horn and bones for sharp points (like needles or arrows), fat for tallow candles, and hooves for glue. However, the first and main reason behind the keeping and herding of these animals is to secure a regular supply of fresh meat. Worldwide, there are about 100 different animal species kept by humans for multi-purpose use. The utilization and keeping of livestock has always been an important part of human activity, but there are still a few cultures that do not use the services and products of animals. Now, more so than ever, the discussion of whether animals should be kept for human consumption, and other uses, has been intense, and two of the strongest voices in this debate are…

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