Animals Are Endangered From The Wild Animals

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Birds are beautiful in the wild, and they're incredibly cute, but they are not good pets because they require so much care. Parrots taken from the wild aren't meant to be kept in cages. Birds that are born to caged birds are still only one or two generations from being tamed. They're not domesticated pets. The practices that are used to catch birds and bring them to your home are abusive and cruel too.

Responsibility for a Parrot

Parrots are a huge responsibility. They require even more care than other pets like cats and dogs. They are more complex creatures than dogs or cats too. Scientists have explained that parrots have the emotional maturity of 4 year old human children. They feel emotions and have emotional demands that people don't often understand. Since we humans don't understand their emotional needs, we're not able to meet them, which makes for parrots with emotional problems.

Shipping and Treatment

The wild bird trade is worth billions of dollars, and the people who poach birds from the wild don't do so humanely. Many birds are traumatized or killed during the process. They're ripped from their homes, mates and flock with little regard for their emotional well-being. Birds fly together, share their homes and raise their young together. When one bird is taken, the life of that bird changes as well as the entire flock that had been living together.

Lack of Space They Need

Birds that are already caged can't be released into the wild, but they are not
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