Animals Are Great Pets

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Animals are great pets Animals make great pets and people love having pets for many reasons. There are a variety of animals to choose from to be yours or your family’s pet. Nowadays it is rare seeing someone without a pet or hearing someone talk about them not owning a pet. Everywhere you go you see people walking their pet(s), bathing them in their front yard, some have their dogs driving in the front seat with them, etc. Some of the most common pets are dogs, cats, and hamsters. The first kind being dogs. Dogs are great companions. They are intelligent, loyal to their owner, and affectionate. Though, they do need more attention than any other pet. They are a bit needier and need more responsibility. Dogs need to be properly trained so they can be kept inside the house and so they can behave well with other people. They also need to be walked on a daily basis and fed. Dogs need more attention because they get sad if they do not get enough attention. They are also very playful. They will play with you when you want and they will listen to everything you tell them. They try to understand every word you tell them. Although dogs are a little harder to care for, they have their benefits. For example, if a person…show more content…
Having a dog as a pet may be the best smartest decision you can ever make because they are amazing and protect you with their life. Since cats do not need much attention they are great pets because they will be there when you need them and do not cause trouble. Hamsters, as well as cats and dogs, make great pets. They are good with children and do not need much attention either. Having a family pet is one of the best things if you have children because what is better than keeping a child occupied on their free time? Not only that, but they will be there for you until their very last day on
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