Animals Are Not Safe And Secure Places Essay

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Extinction is the state or process of a species, family, or larger group being or becoming extinct (no longer present). Scientists have estimated that there are about two hundred to two thousand species to go extinct every year on Earth, as we know it. What can we, as humans, do to prevent certain species to become extinct? Animals can be kept in safe and secure places, such as a zoo or an aquarium, so that humans can help boost their surviving needs such as food, water, and shelter that may be hard to find for the animal species on its own. Although we may think that zoos and aquaria are mainly built to keep animals in captivity, and to be built on display for people to view, there are also specific benefits for these animals. When I came upon choosing this topic, I was discussing with one of my peers what she thought on animals being kept in zoos and aquaria and she told me no. After asking a plethora of students around me on their opinion, they responded with the same answer. I feel that certain animal species, specifically the ones that are going extinct, should be kept in an enclosed, safes observatory. In this paper, I will present an alternative position on the topic on whether animals should be kept in zoos or aquaria, considering a variety of perspectives, and concluding with a position on animal extinction that seems most justifiable. There are four main types of zoos and aquaria that are located on Earth to entertain humans as well as to keep certain animals
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