Animals Condition To The Environment

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Different types of animals are adapted to the environment. It explains why people need to use furnaces, heated blankets, and other devices to survive the freezing cold winter, animals live through the four seasons – especially winter – even if the temperature is several degrees below zero. Mike Konrath, the director of Sagawau Environmental Learning Center in Lemont, explained that animals have lived in the harsh environment for thousands of years. But Konrath acknowledges that some birds die, particularly when the barometer dips below zero like what happened on Monday night. Peacocks die Because of the prolonged cold weather that enveloped southwest Iowa since the start of December, one-third of the breeding stock of peacocks at The…show more content…
He said that as long as the birds can find food, the avian is pretty good, but when there is snow on the ground, a lot of the natural food is covered. Fish Cold-blooded fish beat the birds when it comes to surviving the cold. The marine creatures can survive in water even if the temperature goes down to 37 or 38 degrees, Konrath said, The Chicago Tribune reported. The fish does not bulk up throughout winter but instead slow things down by eating only when it can. The fish can adjust to the temperature around them, Konrath said. Half of the sunlight that gets into the water is removed every time an inch of snow covers a lake. It cuts down the amount of photosynthesis by algae which make oxygen levels lower. Frogs and turtles, meanwhile, hibernate by burying themselves in the mud and not doing anything during winter. But in the case of the tree frog, the creature has an antifreeze property in its blood which keeps the frog’s cells from getting damaged, allowing the animal to survive regardless of how cold the weather is. Constant feeding of mammals Among mammals, especially the shrew which is the smallest mammal in North America, it has the toughest time during winter. Due to its small body size, there is no way the animal can store fat so it has to feed constantly throughout the day and night or it will die because of its very high metabolism. Konrath said that rabbits burrow during winter under the snow where it stays a lot warmer than outside. But
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