Animals Contribution To The Benefits Of Zoos And Aquariums

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Ten iconic species worldwide were saved from extinction thanks to the help of zoos. Many zoos are built as last resort for animals near extinction or don’t have much numbers left in the wild to mate. The California Condor and Przewalski’s Horse were some animals who were on the verge of extinction, but was brought back thanks to zoo. Orange-Bellied Parrot, big wild cats, marine mammals, and even some amphibian are aided by zoos to help keep their numbers up since they are nearing the extinction statues. Everyday there is a mass extinction in the wild and many exotic animals are lost by the minutes. Zoos and Aquariums plays a very important role in the survival of many exotic animals because they educate people about these animals, provide breeding programs for endangered species, and is keeping its’ animals health while in captivity.

Some critision zoo takes are they showcase animals out of context and out of their natural habitat, which also makes the animals stress out. According to Liz Tyson, the director of the Captive Animals’ Protection Society, many zoo are only putting written information and maybe audio visuals materials for visitor to learn about the animals rather than have someone tell the people about the animals. Also they fail to treach visitor the urgency of the need for habitat conservation and how they could aid in the conservation of the species. Another critision of zoos is how the enclosure for their animals are not related to the animal’s natural

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