Animals Exhibit Moral Behavior?

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Animals exhibit moral behavior. However, is it out of remorse, for example, or is it because of their owners’ display of disappointment (anthromorphism) – no answer is as definite as it seems (Horowitz and Bekoff; Rosenstand). Even when some animal researchers, such as primatologists, seem convinced that some primates (such as chimpanzees, elephants) share empathic capacity (that is, manifest understanding of others’ pain and joy), research evidences are neither generalizable to the whole of animal population (Rosenstand). Nevertheless, what exactly is animal morality? Are animals a little bit lower, in comparison to humans; concerning their feelings (not to mention their reason) of what is right or wrong, good or bad, among other things? Do animals have reasoned morality, moral compass, moral sense, let alone moral common sense – or do they just follow rules that make sense to them? Is what laypersons and animal scientists consider as animal moral behavior simply an instinctive behavior and that there is no human morality involved, but purely animal responses to stimuli? In this paper, I will provide a detailed background, clear explanation, and definition of the problem regarding animals having moral behaviors, or not. I will conclude this paper by making a position about animals having moral behaviors being somewhat analogous or metaphorically quite a bit akin to humans.

II. Body Let us start from the beginning of time, in where animals of all types freely roamed the
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