Animals For Medical Purposes Should Not Remain Legal

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Millions of harmless, innocent animals die tragically every year because of painful medical research. Animals including mice, rabbits, monkeys, cats, and dogs undergo painful procedures and medical experiments in order to monitor the devastating effect that takes place on their bodies. As the animals wait in their cold, boring, isolated cages, they do not receive the chance to roam around or use their natural abilities. Before their soon, unavoidable death, some animals are injected with harmful toxins, have holes drilled in their skulls, inhale toxic vapors, and have all their skin burned off. The animal’s moral rights never become apparent and the creatures are taken away to be tortured until death remains unpreventable. The right for experimenters to test and kill animals for medical purposes should not remain legal. The use of animals for biomedical research dates back to the third and fourth centuries BCE. Recently, the severe treatment of animals sparked a growing controversy by animal lovers and protectors everywhere. A well-known organization known as People for the Ethical Treatment of Animal (PETA) strikes back against medical research on animals and holds strong to its belief that this research is inhumane and should seize immediately. The animals that undergo medical treatments in attempt to find cures for human diseases did nothing to deserve a painful, cruel life. Animals contribute vast amounts of positive things to people and to the environment

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