Animals Have Been Used For Animal Therapy From Early As

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Animals have been used for animal therapy from early as the 18th century (Chu et al., 2009). Animals have been shown to aid in lowering stress, feelings of isolation and depression. Studies have shown that different types of animal therapy can be helpful with a range of mental illnesses, from schizophrenia to anxiety to dementia. There are many ways that animals can be implemented into different forms of therapy. There are uses for animals in psychological and physical therapy. Each of these present paths to help different types of mental illnesses in separate ways. For my research, I conducted a survey to determine a general idea of what people know about therapy animals and their contributions to human health. Animal Assisted…show more content…
That would have allowed for perspective on both sides which would have been good data to have, but there is a lot of data to compare the characteristics that pets present that make them feel like family members. Next, the focus turned more on questions about therapy animals and what those surveyed knew about animal therapy. These questions, “Which animal would you choose to have as a therapy animal?”, and “What animals have you seen used as therapy animals?”, are able to gauge the knowledge of therapy animals and the frequency that some animals are used compared to others. The question about which animal the participant would choose was based on the idea of less common animals, such as goats, being used as therapy animals and if someone would choose a farm animal as a therapy aid. The last section of questions focused on mental health and stress. The questions were based around the mental health and/or stress level of the participant to see how these factors may affect their opinion on the use of therapy animals for psychological therapy. The responses collected compare the stress level of the participant and their feelings on an animal’s positive influence on their own mental health or decrease in stress levels. These questions were based off some of the information that I found in the article by Mills (2014). He wrote about the bonds between humans and animals and how they have been shown to
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