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Most human beings are inherently speciesist; meaning that they believe one species is superior to another. (Singer, Peter. Animal Liberation. Harper Perennial Modern Classics, 2009. 6. Print.) It can be argued that this is just an expansion of the hardship of human equality, and just as we were once desensitized to others race or gender, we are now doing the same to animals. In addition, we don’t give much thought to what goes on beyond our own little bubble. We don’t care how our food got there; we just want it. We don’t care if our cleaning products or our makeup was tested on animals, as long as it works. Animal rights activists claim that the ability to feel pain is the designation of moral worth; and that while humans have the…show more content…
Both will feel the sting of the smack and react accordingly. Granted, the horse’s skin is thicker, causing the horse to have less of a reaction; however, it can be almost guaranteed that the horse will react. Our instinct, however, would be to comfort the crying baby, as it is a member of our own species, thus drawing us to it. As children, we were all taught the sounds the animals on a farm make. We would picture the stereotypical farm with a barn and silo, and then be among the heartbroken when we found out exactly what it was that was waiting for us at dinner. This form of speciesism is possibly the most common, because it is unknowingly dealt with everyday. The corporations involved in producing our food often abuse the animals that end up on our plates. This abuse can range from verbal and physical assault to slitting the animals’ throats while they are still fully conscious. However, because of the lack of publicity on this issue; it often gets overlooked and pushed to the wayside. Another back burner issue is that of animal testing. Every day, animals in labs are subjected to tests that are for our benefit. In truth, the difference in the genetic makeup of these animals and us, the people these results are trying to help, is so significant that the results can be nothing but inaccurate. To make these creatures endure cruel, often repetitive, and painful tests, only to have a slim

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