Animals : Humans And Animals

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Animals play an important yet unique role in human culture. We use animals for our own benefit, and sometimes forget that they are also living things. Humans have established themselves as the greater species, therefore placing animals below them, causing us to lose sight of the fact that animals play a vital role in our society. We take advantage of animals and think nothing of it. Understanding this relationship between humans and animals comes from understanding the differences between humans and animals. Throughout this lecture, I will strive to show the differences between humans and animals and the how these differences are apparent in our society.

Innately, we recognize the difference between humans and animals, but it can be challenging to clearly define what makes a human a human. This is because there isn’t just one thing, but many, that separates humans from animals, and certain animals from others. In Jacques Derrida’s The Animal That Therefore I Am he uses an instance of a cat staring at him naked to describe the odd relationship between humans and animals. He says that he feels shame for being naked, but the cat doesn’t seem to care. This forces us to rethink our relationship with animals. Why should we feel ashamed to be naked in front of an animal, or anything for that matter? We feel shame for being naked because when we are naked we are too exposed. We need clothing to protect us, not just from the physical world, but from the world being able to see us
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