Animals In Captivity Research Paper

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Animals in Captivity
Zoos have been around for many years, the first one opening on July 1, 1987 in Philadelphia, USA. Although the quality of zoos has changed and developed over the many years since then, some people believe that the zoos shouldn’t exist, including organisations that strive to close down zoos and return the animals back to their natural habitat.

Even though some zoos have billions invested into them they will never really be able to compete with an animal’s natural habitat. Zoos attempt to replicate an animal’s natural habitat but in reality all they’re doing is subjecting the animals to a life in captivity where they’re unable to perform most of their natural instincts, such as hunting, flying, foraging and even choosing their own partner. Increasing numbers of zoos are using breeding programmes in an attempt to avoid the extinction of various animals, but the problem behind this is that the animals who are being bred do not get to choose their own mate and under some circumstances needed to be artificially inseminated.
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Zoochosis is where an animal, in captivity, begins to become stressed or uncomfortable with the environment that they are subjected to. This can cause the animal to become unwell with zoochosis; the symptoms of zoochosis can include bar biting, coprophagia which is where an animal consumes and is playing with excrement, self-mutilation such as the animals pulling their own fur out, scratching themselves or causing themselves pain and injury, swaying, rocking and pacing. These are some of the most common symptoms of zoochosis and this happens simply because the animal is in captivity and they’re unable to express themselves in the way they would usually be able to, if they were in their natural
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