Animals Mission Statement

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This visual argument is a product of what LAV, a company that was created in 1977. This organization spotlights on the mistreatment of animals and they money made from exploiting their assets. I love animals and all types of nature, except spiders, and I agree with many of their mission statements. That being said I also hunt and kill for meat so this is not a one sided ordeal in my mind. The company has a bold statement and is very direct in what it believes; with over 50,000 members they push forth the belief. “Promoting and bringing about a cultural change in the way we relate to other animals, with a view to achieving a lifestyle and making political choices based on respect for and solidarity towards all living beings, irrespective of their species. Putting a stop to any form of exploitation and suffering by asserting animals' rights and promoting the…show more content…
I believe nature should be left in nature, humans are continuosly destroying habitats and killing animals for greed and self gain. I always have an erie feeling when in a zoo that the animal is not in pain but frustration. I am a avid hunter and have killed animals and consumed them as well so i am by no means biased on this ad. However i respect nature and its pure form, and do not restrict it but form to its rules. The photo does not directly show what these animals go through and their misfortune. Instead it paints a picture of the hoops they are puppetted through. LAV does not use the same tatic as PETA, they play on the emotions of guilt, sorrowness and pity. I personally remember the trips to the circus and the shows and it brings you to think more on the topic. Now LAV i do not agree with on all the time, as before i hunt and LAV is anti hunting. So this is a very dificult to agree with them but if i beleive they send a meaningful message, so should
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