Animals Of Zoos And Aquariums

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Keeping animals in zoos and aquariums dates back in 1963 when the first zoo the in Paris, France. The main purposes of zoos were to educate science and natural history of animals and todayhave are used for entertainment, education and even scientific research. So far there are about 3000 animal exhibitors held in the US, and they include zoos, petting farms, marine mammal parks and circuses among others. Out of these, less than 10% are approved by Association of Zoos and Aquariums (AZA) which sets high standards of care to animals held in zoos and aquariums in the world. Every animal exhibitor is considered a zoo regardless of whether they abide by AZA standards or not. Though to all animal activists love animals, some respect them because they believe they have the right to live in conducive habitants in the world while zoos that meet best standards present a challenge to advocates who love animals because they get an opportunity to interact and see animals. This paper is going to present various arguments on holding animals in zoos and aquariums by considering varying opinions and then conclude with a perspective that is most justifiable.
Arguments against zoos and aquariums
People who have visited ad worked in zoos usually bring disturbing facts about how zoos are managed and operated and how animals are treated. Considering not all zoos are good, it is no doubt that not all animals are kept perfectly as much as many advocates of animals wish.Moreso, there are other
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