Animals Save For Animals

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In the world there are about 1.3 million different species that scientists have named. Out of that 1.3 million there are about 50,000 species that are endangered or close to being endangered according to the IUCN (International Union for the Conservation of Nature) Red List. Lately, multiple zoos have been crucified for housing some of these animals. This problem has been arising for quite some time but no one seems to acknowledge it. The problem isn't with the zoos housing the animals it is that there are animals in the wild that are constantly being hunted. These animals need to be protected and saved from the different dangers they encounter. Zoos provide animals a safe place to live and they also help fund programs assembled to protect the animals in the zoo and in the wild. They are vital to the survival of many species and therefore should be preserved.
Zoos have been proven to be essential towards the safety and recovery of many animals rescued from the wild. All around the world there are zoos that house these different species in safe and natural-like environments, they are considered to be safe havens. For example, by being housed in zoos, "animals do not suffer from the stress of threats or being potentially hunted by their common predators" (Agnew 1). The animals are able to live in their habitat at the zoo sometimes along with other animals of their species. Each animal has a safe enclosure that suits them and their lifestyle. The enclosures are not only safe
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