Animals Should Not Be Used For Biomedical Research

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Animals have been used from the beginning of time the ancient civilisations used animal testing to find answers to the unknown for example why do animals exist romans & greeks simply dissected animals to have knowledge. Now days animals are used to understand basic human biology, so called “models” for studying human biology and disease. Improvements in human health, vaccines and medicines. Another type of animal use is for cosmetics. Even though people believe that biomedical research is a way to improve human health by testing on animals for cures and vaccines I believe that animals should not be used for biomedical research because biomedical research leads to animal suffering ,number of animal death and most studies are unthinkable. biomedical experimentation leads to animal suffering millions of animals are stuck behind cages many of those animals never had a life outside of a laboratory. According to petda More than one million animals are used for biomedical research each year big companies use animals to test their products some of these products humans use everyday it can be as simple as your shampoo or body wash to your eye liner. animals have rights too just as humans, animals are subject to many different test in 1920 animals were used for acute toxicity testing in which the animal was subject to poisoning to determine the toxic consequences of a single, short-term exposure to a product or chemical, the substance is administered to animals…
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