Animals in Medical Experiments Essay

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Animal experimentation has been credited for the medicines made to assist diabetes, vaccines for smallpox, deep brain stimulation for parkinson’s disease, and many more along with millions of dollars spent on failed experiments, millions of animal deaths a year, misleading data and an overall bigger loss than gain. The main point of animal testing is to benefit the safety and overall health of humans, but testing on non humans to learn about humans doesn’t contribute to the cause. Humans have the voice protective of their own lives and demand rights, though every living creature deserves the right to life and to safety. The way these animals are being treated is heinous and insulting to the human race, as it subsides our morals and some…show more content…
Rats show us that they are of senses and are similar to humans, if they weren't we wouldn’t be testing on them, rats aren’t less intelligence to other animals; So they deserve rights just as other animals.
Animal testing models live generally deplorable and very restricted. These animals are deprived of social interaction and proper living environments their entire lives. This often causes odd behaviors that could very well interfere with every experiment. For example large Rhesus monkeys are kept in two feet by three feet cages and they developed abnormal "neurotic" behavior, such extreme conditions make the animal's text results very questionable. (Fox) Scientists ignore the animal's stuffing and call it "adaptive" because it is due to their unfitting environments. Scientists also put aside their mental, emotional, psychological and social suffering and it's significance on their projects.There are laws against the cruelty against animals that live in our homes but an animal bred to test on has almost no safety rights; rats and mice have none at all. These specimens are burned, cut open, shocked, poisoned, socially isolated, starved, dehydrated, forcibly restrained, addicted to drugs, brain damaged, given birth defects, and killed in various pointless experiments(Chanda). Not many humans can even imagine having any of those things being done to them, yet everyday we take the power over a
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