Animals want People to Stop the Cruelty

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Animal cruelty has been going on for years at a time. With the illegal hunting of animals and cruel test given upon them it makes you wonder if anybody really cares about what is being done to animals. Author of “Animal Rights, Human Wrongs”, Tom Regan, discusses the cruelty of what several animals go through and what people are doing about it. In this selection Regan tries to appeal to the emotions of the reader, gives facts on the things that are being done by people to animals, and tries to establish his credibility in the reading.
Though Tom Regan writes about an important topic, there is very little credibility shown throughout the document. When discussing the whaling incident, Regan takes the account of an unknown man whose name is not even mentioned throughout the reading. It is also unknown if this person is someone trustworthy enough to give a truthful statement about what really happened during the whale hunt situation. The same thing happens again when Regan gives an example of another person experience with how cruel people are to animals this time dealing with the gibbon. The person who described what happened during the hunt to Regan name was given, but we have no knowledge of if this person is trustworthy enough to give an accurate account on what happened to the gibbon. Throughout the reading Regan gives more examples of the inhuman practices that happen to animals but with very little ethos to back up his claims, readers may not think of him as accountable

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