Animation Stimuli For The Study Of Instructor Gestures

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System for creating animation stimuli for the study of instructor gestures in education. The system does not require artistic talent or programming expertise. The system provides an animation character that serves as an instructor avatar .The avatar can speak ,write on a nearby white board ,and make pointing ,embodied cognition and charisma gestures .The avatar is controlled with a text script that specify when and what the avatar says and does. Introduction -: Animation plays an important role in education. Animation such as pointing; circling; or underlining can help capture; maintain ,and direct the student’s attention during lecture . Instructor animation serve as a complementary communication channel that helps student parse and grasp the information presented to them verbally and visually. For example -: in the context of learning mathematical equivalence ,a balance gestures elicits the students firsthand experience with the concept of physical equilibrium, which is used to scaffold the novel concepts of balancing the sides of equation . Animation can help convey an instructor‘s appealing and engaging personality which enhances the learning .Important as animation seems to be ,much remains to be discovered through education research regarding what ,when and how instructor animation benefit learning. . Traditional education research on instructor animation relies on video stimuli. Student participant are shown pre recorded videos

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