Animation of a Statue

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Animation of a Statue Nothing gives one person so great advantage over another, as to remain always cool and unruffled under all circumstances. -- Thomas Jefferson The Roaring 20’s are often viewed as an era of reverie and true American spirit. But, like the Gilded Age, the exuberance was superficial and fleeting. In revealing the progression of Jordan Baker’s character through the motif of her complex demeanor, F. Scott Fitzgerald illuminates the theme of authenticity in The Great Gatsby. Presenting Ms. Baker’s image as that of an emotionally collected young woman, then stripping away the facade to reveal the charade she plays and finally tearing at her core motivation, Fitzgerald manipulates the aura that Jordan creates to examine how her lie is simply another strategy used to ensure security. At the start of the book, Jordan maintains a distant persona that divorces her appearance from true reality. But as Nick learns more about the girl, he opens up Jordan’s vulnerability and softens her cold posture. As conflict emerges, Jordan’s actions reveal how she handles a disturbance to her balanced repose and whether she can truly live an authentic life. When Nick first encounters Jordan at the Buchanan’s party, her restful body language suggests an air of aloofness. Her allure coupled with sensual dress imagery characterize Jordan as complex yet lacking in genuine character. Inside the showy foyer of the Buchanan household, “two women [are] buoyed up as though upon

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