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HYPERLINK "" Chapter 1 Assignments Which of the following represents a row in a table? a record Which of the following defines a relationship in which each occurrence of data in one entity is represented by multiple occurrences of the data in the other entity? one-to-many An entity is represented in an E-R model as a(n): Arrow Which of the following is not an E-R model relationship? some-to-many Which of the following symbols represents a many-to-many relationship in an E-R model? A straight line with a crow’s foot Which of the following can contain repeating groups? unnormalized data Which of the…show more content…
A college needs to track placement test scores for incoming students. Each student can take a variety of tests, including English and math. Some students are required to take placement tests because of previous coursework. Ans: Every employee in a company is assigned to one department. Every department can contain many employees. Ans : . A movie megaplex needs to collect movie attendance data. The company maintains 16 theaters in a single location. Each movie offered can be shown in one or more of the available theaters and is typically scheduled for three to six showings in a day. The movies are rotated through the theaters to ensure that each is shown in one of the stadium-seating theaters at least once. Ans: An online retailer of coffee beans maintains a long list of unique coffee flavors. The company purchases beans from a number of suppliers; however, each specific flavor of coffee is purchased from only a single supplier. Many of the customers are repeat purchasers and typically order at least five flavors of beans in each order. Ans : Data for an information technology conference needs to be collected. The conference has a variety of sessions scheduled over a two-day period. All attendees must register for the sessions they plan to attend. Some speakers are presenting only one session, whereas others are handling multiple
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