Anime Of Anime And Anime

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Period 1/4 History of Anime Manga and anime are a huge part in American and the Japanese culture. Anime and Manga were once used for war, propaganda, and recruitment, but is now used for entertainment and leisure. Anime was not just created by one man but by many working together. Anime has had a long line of history causing it to become more and more loved throughout the years. It not only caused Japan a great deal of money and working jobs but it also influenced more people to see the brighter things in life. Manga was not only just important in anime’s history but it was the cause of it. The time line of huge success in anime started in 1914 with the first manga being created. World War II was a big part in anime history with the nation being mobilized in which the anime and manga industry evolved quite a lot. The war caused that government to force people to conform to the government or pay a high price. Those that didn’t cooperate were banned from writing, given preventive detention, and sometimes even social ostracism. People who spent most of their lives criticizing and judging the government did an about-face and offered support to militarists. Those who followed the government 's command Were rewarded with support from their community and rehabilitation programs. During that time the government used the few remaining artists, who were not in the military or banned from working; to influence their country through

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