Animism Vs. Anthnocentrism: The Key Differences In Religion

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Religion has been present in this world for thousands of years, providing ancient civilizations with answers to their questions and a moral code to abide by. Today, religion still serves that same purpose and more, forming and changing as time goes on. Though religions today may share some elements, they do share vastly different opinions on the soul, time, truth, and the senses, and provide answers and a way of life to those who desire it.
One of the key differences in religion is animism versus anthropocentrism. Animism is the belief that everything has a soul - animals, plants, the elements. Animistic religions view everything as sacred, so the Earth and those who inhabit deserve to be treated with respect. Anthropocentric religions, however,
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Religions such as Buddhism and Hinduism believe that time is cyclical and that once we complete this life, we reincarnate into our next form. Other religions, like Christianity, believe that life has a beginning and end, either Heaven or Hell. In regards to the “one life” belief, Vine Deloria once said that “any religion that promotes other places-heaven and so on-in favor of what we have in the physical world is a delusion, a mere control device us to be manipulated.” While I believe that it is true that the belief of heaven and hell is a control tactic for people to behave a different way, I also believe it is more complex than that and offers more than just a tool to manipulate. I believe that it is necessary to look at who is imposing the belief of Heaven or Hell on a person, or to see if they brought the belief into their life themselves. While Heaven and Hell can be used as control tactics, they also provide answers and a sense of security to those who fear what the afterlife may hold. Furthermore, some people may have implemented religion in their lives so that they may have a sense of a moral code, in which case the afterlife is more than just a control tactic to behave a certain way, but an incentive to be the best version of themselves a person can hope to be. While Heaven and Hell can be used as a control tactic, I believe it is ignorant for one to brush it off as just that and…show more content…
Anthropocentric religions provide the idea that there is one eternal truth and with one path set out for you to achieve it, usually dictated in a text such as the Bible, Torah, or Quran. Other religions preach of many possible truths and there are many ways to achieve them. I find that the idea of one truth and one path may limit a person, for they may feel that whatever truths they might otherwise come across are untrue for they weren’t dictated for them. Politically speaking, I believe that the “one truth” plays a great part in politics when it’s to the benefit of politicians. Politicians can hide behind their “one truth” as a reason to permit or outlaw drugs or euthanasia, but they might also hide behind “multiple truths” for it may help them in their search. Overall, I feel that the one truth provides the reason for the stigma around drugs and
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