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Female art historian turned novelist, the late Anita Brookner wrote about the dark side of romance and life-changing effects that come with it. With her gloomy themes about depression and romance, she was ahead of her times where the perfect romance was ideal. Because of this, Brookner continues to be an influential writer of the 21st century.
Anita Brookner was born on July 28, 1928 in Herne Hill, England to Polish immigrants. As an only child, Brookner attended James Allen’s Girls’ School, a private school in Dulwich, England. To escape from home, she often visited the Dulwich Picture Gallery where her passion for art grew (Cowell).
Brookner’s parents, Maude and Nelson Bruckner, moved to England from Poland and changed their last name from Bruckner in fear of Nazi power and German hostility in London (Cowell). When Brookner was 12 years old, World War II began. Because her family was Jewish, they housed Jewish refugees in their home (“Anita Brookner, novelist - obituary”). While of this was occuring, her father, uncle, and grandfather ran a failing tobacco importing business and her mother stayed at home. These events are portrayed in Brookner’s novel Latecomers, published in 1988, where protagonists Thomas Fibich and Thomas Hartmann were smuggled out of Nazi Germany and taken to live with a foster family in London (Kakutani).
She describes her parents’ marriage as “ill-matched – ‘silent, stoical, and very unhappy’”; their cold-hearted relationship is one of the main

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