Anita Desai : An Indian Novelist

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Chapter-1 Introduction

Anita Desai is one of India 's foremost writers. She is an Indian novelist, short-story writer and children 's author. Winner of the Sahitya Akademi Award and Guardian Children 's Fiction Prize, Desai has authored as many as sixteen works of fiction, some of the best ones being 'Fasting, Feasting ', 'The Village By The Sea ', 'In Custody ', and 'Clear Light of Day '. Her distinct style of writing, her original characters and her realistic subject-line is what made her writings so endearing. Over the years, Desai won many awards and recognition for her work and was shortlisted for the Booker Prize twice. Apart from writing, Anita has been actively involved in teaching as well. She continues to be an inspiration for many young aspiring writers today.

Anita Desai was born on 14 June 1937 in Mussoorie, a quaint little hill-station close to Delhi. She was born to a German mother, Toni Nime, and a Bengali businessman father, D.V. Mazumdar, Anita had an unorthodox upbringing, which in turn helped to nurture writing aspirations in her young mind. During her early years, she spent much time learning German, Bengali, Urdu, Hindi and English that compounded her passion for literature. She received her early education from Queen Mary 's Higher Secondary School in Delhi after which she went on to earn a bachelors degree in English

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