Anita Roddick

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2. How do you evaluate Anita Roddick’s management philosophy and style? How important a contribution did she make to the creation of The Body Shop? How important is her role in its ongoing management? Anita Roddick’s Management Philosophy & Style 1. PHILOSOPHY The 4 basic management functions of Planning, Organizing, Leading & Controlling can be analyzed in detail for drawing a picture of Anita Roddick’s Management Philosophy for The Body Shop. 1. Planning * First major obstacle since she didn’t know anything about the cosmetics industry or running a business * Sourcing products from around the world 2. Organizing * Knowledge of finances was unknown and her husband Gordon Roddick helped her with this…show more content…
Eccentricity/Being different (Body Shop was positioned as a simple trading place rather than a sophisticated store) c. Bold/Radical (Supporting highly politically sensitive issues like environment conservation, animal testing, Third World economy job creation etc) d. Cared about people (Day care centers for employees) e. Risk Taking (Entered the communications-intensive US market with the same no-advertising strategy. However, her environment friendly business positioning was easily replicated by competitors like Estee Lauder and Revlon) f. High personal values (However, she herself says that this might have been a problem ‘...........I have never been able to Body Shop values from my own personal values’) g. Customer Focus (She says ‘…..The trouble with marketing is that consumers are hyped out…’) All of these points to an inspirational/motivational and transformational leadership/management style with a focus on being different and innovative and at the same time holding humane values as the highest goal of business. Through the Body Shop she has used the ‘Environmental Product Differentiation’ Strategy to market the brand/product. Contribution to creation of Body Shop In 1976 an inexperienced Anita Roddick got tired of unsubstantiated management and The Body Shop claims of the cosmetics industry that their products couldn 't deliver. She decided
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