Anka Zakariadze's Fall In The USA

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Claimed Ileana Rossini Chapter One The end of the world started when Anka Zakariadze fell into a manhole. “Anka?” came the worried voice of her twin sister, Tamar. “Anka, can you hear me?” Her voice bounced off the walls and echoed in Anka’s ears. “Yeah,” Anka called back. She rubbed her right hip and winced. She had fallen about three meters, yet nothing seemed to be broken. She would have one hell of a bruise in a couple of hours, but otherwise, she was unhurt. Anka turned over, preparing to analyze her surroundings. While her fall had been from a great height, the ceilings of the underground tunnel were low, about a meter and a half. While Anka herself could walk through these tunnels with ease, her taller friends would have to crouch. The tunnel was dark and cold, with the only light coming from the entrance Anka had fallen through. “Are you okay?” Tamar asked. “Should we get help?” We referred to Tamar and Milica Knežević, a girl in their grade. The trio had been heading to the bus station when Anka had fallen. “No, I think I’m fine,” Anka replied. “Pissed off, but fine. I can climb the ladder.” She reached out, and her fingers slowly wrapped around a cold metal bar. As she stepped into the…show more content…
The three girls’ hair trailed behind them like comet tails, and Anka relished the light feeling of her newly cut black bob. The haircut had been Tamar’s idea. At the beginning of the summer, they both had longer hair. Anka’s hung just past her elbows, while Tamar’s grew all the way down to their waists. It was pretty much the only way to tell the Zakariadze twins apart. In July, Tamar had a genius idea, which Anka wholeheartedly agreed to. After a trip to the hairdresser, both girls sported bobs that went down just past their chins. They looked virtually identical, and a feeling of smug triumph flared in Anka’s stomach when she saw the shocked expressions on people’s
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