Essay on Ann Hopkins Case Analysis

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Ann Hopkins Case Analysis
1. What ethical problems do you see with the Price Waterhouse partnership evaluation system?

The Price Waterhouse partnership evaluation system has the ethical problems that the sex discrimination. The Price Waterhouse most concerned about the interpersonal skill, therefore, Hopkins had been given advices to change her "direct" style and personal appearance.

For example, before Hipkins started working at Price Waterhouse, one partner told her that the firm prohibited hiring the employer who was married to the other partner or had a close relationship with the other partner in a national accounting firm. This is a ethical problem, but can not be the legal policy for a firm. The firm should evaluate
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Firstly, the Price Waterhous most concern about interpersonal skills of a partner, and
Hopkins explained her "direct style" was deficiencies. Because Hopkins is a woman, so the partners evaluate her as a normal woman, who should had beautiful hair, dress less, carry handbag and soft voice. However, Hopkins had her own reasons that she had no time to care about her appearance, and she just wanted to put all her attentions on the projects. So, she known that, if she wanted to be the partner of the Price
Waterhous, she should take a lot of burdens, which including the projects and her style. As she said, "Similarly situated men were admitted."

The fairness based on the partners' responses that both positive and negative to make the decision, which the admissions committee recommended her be held "at least a year to afford time to demonstrate that she has the personal and ,eleadership qualities

required of

a partner". Hopkins should did some change of her style, such as control

her emotion and voice, dress better and so on. If Hopkins did these change, the Price
Waterhsous would consider her proposal of being the partner of the Price Watershous.

3. What aspects of the evaluation would you change?

The Price Waterhouse partnership evaluation system should find Hopkins's outstanding performance. As OGS nominated her that she is "key role in connection with large State Department
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