Ann Roe's Theory Of The Organizational Development Theory

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Ann Roe, a clinical psychologist was born on 1904 in Denver, Colorado. She is the eldest in the family and was responsible for helping her parents to look after her siblings and doing house work at a very young age. Throughout her education , she continues to support her family Ann Roe began the development of the theory through observation of research scientist and artist focusing on possible relationship between occupational behavior (not just choice) and personality. She predict the occupational selection was based on individual differences that include psychological, biological and sociological. According to Ann Roe, people going to work not because to earn money for living, but rather than involving and expecting a job than the salary.…show more content…
In this theory it indicate people feel more urgency to satisfy the basic needs of food, shelter, and safety before they are capable of expressing needs on the higher levels, and, consequently, these other needs remain unachievable to the average individual until those basic needs are satisfied. 2.0 Key Figures in Theory Ann Roe personality development theory concern on predicting the occupational selection based on the psychological needs that develop from the interaction between chlidren and parents. She wanted to show that people in certain occupations have a common background in terms of the way they were raised. According to this theory, it classified the early parent -child relationships inti three types , with two subclassifications. The attitudes of parents toward their children was what Ann Roe’s interested in. Ann Roe’s theory provides interesting perspectives of parental influence on the career choice of children. In her classification system ceoncern with the attitude toward the child. The six attitudes are concentration on the child : an overprotective parents or overdemanding parents, avoidance of the child : rejection and neglect and acceptance of the child : casual acceptance or loving
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