Anna Blunden: A Brief Summary

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This week’s reading presents a brief summary of the career of the Pre-Raphaelite painters Anna Blunden, Elizabeth Siddal, Lucy Brown and the photographer Julia Camero, and their struggles to became well-known respected artists. I believe that the main point of this reading is to show the difficulties of female artists in a patriarchal world. All these women share same obstacles and frustrations due to their role as women in society and their disadvantages within the artistic arena. We might question why there are so few female artists recorded in history compared to men? definitely, this reading portrays the adversities that women faced during the 18th century when their aspired to become artists. For instance, Elizabeth Siddla’s career was the one that most caught my attention. Even though she had a short career, I really admire her persistence and perseverance to achieve a professional status. Coming from a lower social class, hence, not having monetary power or family connections with painting she had encountered with extra difficulties during her career. In order to get access to the studio, she occasionally model for Walter Deverell, which was not considered “respectable.” Furthermore, in…show more content…
All of them were affected by marriage and even more by their role as mothers. Motherhood became their major priority, even more than their artistic career and aspirations. For me is interesting how this phenomena still exits today in the 21th century. Women are still affected by social ideologies about motherhood, and how women need to stay at home, take care of their family and forget about their personal desires or professional goals. I feel fortunate that today women have more equal chances for education, compared to previous centuries, but there still a social pressure for women to be perfects mothers and wife, that restrics us to feel free and follow our dreams as artists or any other
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