Anna Freud

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Running Head: ANNA FREUD Anna Freud Anna Freud Selecting a woman that made significant contributions to the field of psychology between the years 1850 and 1950 is not an easy task as there is more than one woman who made significant contributions to the field of Psychology. Out of those talented women Anna Freud, overshadows her colleagues. Anna can be considered to have a fascinating background, which influenced her later development of unique theoretical perspectives. Her father, Sigmund Freud famous for his multiple theories about the mind he is regarded as the founder of psychology probably influenced her following his footsteps and being interested in psychoanalysis, in particular, in child psychoanalysis. However, her…show more content…
Such disagreement started when trying to answer the question “how to begin a child analysis.” Melanie and Anna could not agree on an answer. Anna Freud presented her idea about Child Analysis in 1927 in her lecture “Preparation for Child Analysis,” her presentation obviously disagreed with Melanie Klein idea of immediate deep understanding. Anna demonstrated with the analysis of six cases how the process should take place. For Anna before beginning analyzing a child's behavior she needed to win the child over. An assumption considered erroneous, and that she did little to correct it. Another belief Anna Freud has been that detailed assessment and accurate diagnosis was the cornerstone of a good treatment in the field of child mental health. The latter is concept still apply in child psychology these days. One of Anna's Freud greatest contributions to the world of psychology was the creation during WWII of “the Hampstead War Nurseries.” Anna also contributed to the field of Psychology by formulating the theory and practicing on it by observing children during the Second World War at the Hampstead War Nurseries. "The Hampstead Clinic is sometimes spoken of as Anna Freud's extended family, and that is how it often felt, with all the ambivalence such a statement implies,"(Freud Museum London, n.d.). Anna encouraged mothers to visit their foster cared children so they can form attachments by providing stability on their
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