Anna Williams Narrative

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I arrived on scene at about 0025 hours. I made contact with Deputy Williams and he advised the female who was reported to have left was in the residence and she had a severe injury to her face.

I entered the residence and was directed to a bedroom on the north side of the residence. I entered the bedroom and observed a white female standing next to the bed. She had a large, blue in color, lump under her left eye. She was unable to open her left eye very much. I later identified her as Anna Williams by Arkansas drivers license. I asked Anna what had happened and she said she was trying to leave the residence and they hit her. I asked Anna who "they" was and she said Gilbert and Judy. Anna said they hit her with their fists. At about this time, Mulvane EMS arrived on scene and started to render aide to Anna as I collected her personal information.

Once Mulvane EMS was done they advised they wanted to transport Anna to the hospital for her injuries. Anna requested to be transported to St. Francis. I followed Anna and the EMS personnel to the ambulance to finish my interview.

Once in the ambulance, Anna advised she did not want to tell me anything because she did not want anyone to get in trouble. I advised Anna this was her chance to give me her side of the story. Anna said she was being mentally abused by Judy and
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Anna was upset and yelling at Gilbert inside the residence. Shiela left the residence and Anna followed her onto the porch. Anna pushed Shiela almost off the porch so Judy pulled Anna away from Sheila to keep the situation from escalating. Anna left the residence and came back twice. Judy did not see any injuries to Anna until she came back the second time. Judy does not know how Anna received her injury. I checked Judy's hands for any signs of trauma to her hands or fists from striking something and did not observe any marks. Judy denies causing injury to
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