Anna Wintour is one the worlds most recognised creatives. Nowadays she is regarded as the most

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Anna Wintour is one the worlds most recognised creatives. Nowadays she is regarded as the most influential figure in the fashion industry and her creative directive has allowed her to become one of the most powerful people in fashion in the last twenty years. Anna Wintour has proven countless times how her creative vision and directive is not only extremely relevant, but is also revolutionary.
Time and time again Wintour’s ideas have not only shaped the course of Fashion, but have given us some of the world’s leading designers and artists – some that would not have been successful without the support of her.
Her creative beliefs have helped paved the way for ideas that would not have taken shape without her forward thinking. Wintour has
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She wanted Vogue to target a specific audience – carving out the image of the new working woman. A woman who knew exactly what she wanted, who was intelligent, confident and was interested in business and money.
In 1988 she was made editor in chief of Vogue USA, where she made her creative mark and officiated her position as one of fashion’s most influential women.
Condé Nast were in desperate need of someone to shake up Vogue. Since the 1960’s Vogue had been at the forefront of the fashion world. However, with the establishment of Elle magazine, the company found themselves in desperate need of change.
There were fears that Vogue had become boring and irrelevant to the modern woman, so Wintour was given complete creative control, as well as as much financial backing as she needed. Here Wintour’s creative personality was fully revealed and she was established as one of the most revolutionary people in fashion.
Her fearless decision making in creating a new path for fashion was widely renowned. She called an end to the ‘super-model’ era, instead insisting that celebrities should be on the covers instead – a bold choice, one which a lot of people disagreed with at the time. Her creative vision forecasted the celebrity era that was becoming more and more popular with the masses.
She was also the first to juxtapose a mixture of High Fashion and low fashion, a statement and ideal which she made very clear
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