Anna and the French Kiss by Stephanie Perkins

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I chose this book, because I had to do an extra credit project on one of three options. A book report was one of the options, so I chose it. I went to the library, and searched for young adult fiction books that were set in France. This book was one of the options, so I looked at the summary, and thought it would be interesting. Since it was set in France, I knew it would be a love story, which I was fine with. It sure turned out to be more thrilling than I thought, so I did the book report on this book.
My impression of the book was that the book was overall exciting at every moment. The love and romance in this novel kept me on my toes and I couldn’t put the book down. The vehement characterization and vast vocabulary made me feel exactly what the author intended at the moment, and had captured me from the beginning. I loved how the character’s emotion was felt through the actions they took and the point of view. The entire story was in Anna’s point of view, in first person. This point of view gave the reader the sensations she felt, her thoughts, her actions, and how she thought of others and herself, her point of view, basically. This point of view also made the reader understand the events better and different character’s personalities more. I thought that this book was tantalizing from the beginning, because the characters have polar opposite personalities, but they are very pragmatic. I thought the down-to-earth quality about these characters made them easier to

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