Annabeth's Character Analysis

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Annabeth was glad that Percy was still staying as a guest in the castle, because it seemed that he brought the life back to the kingdom. The adults loved him, because he was one thing most of the male population weren't nowadays: a gentlemen. One that's polite, that knew when to shut up, and when to keep on going, and, most importantly, the one who accepts every form of life. Ranging from plants, all the way to animals, he respects them. The kids loved him because he was funny, and carefree, unlike the cold and stiff adults in the kingdom. It was a nice new breath of air for them, since Percy allowed them to do anything they'd like to, unless it's not too dangerous. Last of all, the elderly loved him, because he actually took the time and effort to visit them, and help them with stuff others didn't. He read them stories, helped them have stew, and served everything with a smile. And, as cliché as it sounds,…show more content…
Sure, Percy accidently drowned her with water because of some plumbing error, that time when Clarisse tried to give him a swirly, but after that, they seemed to have a mutual respect for each other. "Annabeth," a commanding voice called out, one of a high authority, so Annabeth looked up from her book to find her mother standing there, a stoic expression on her face. Lady Athena was a woman of many qualities, and, unfortunately, sympathy wasn't one of them. She did whatever she thought to be best for others, and even if millions of lives are caught in the middle of her plan, she would still carry it out, as she didn't have any mercy for others. With her black hair parted to the side, and those cold, calculating grey eyes of hers, she looked like a force to be reckoned with. Luckily, she is. Though, she wasn't always like this. Years ago, she smiled, she cried, and she laughed along with the others, but that all changed on that fateful day when King Frederick
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