Annale Renneker Also Discusses Why Concealed Carry Is Necessary

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Annale Renneker also discusses why concealed carry is necessary on college campuses today. Most college campuses are “open”, meaning that practically anyone can walk on to them and many buildings do not have metal detecters or security guards (Renneker 1). She cites the Virginia Tech shooting tragedy where the shooter was not even a student at the college, he simply walked on campus undetected and shot and killed 33 people before killing himself (Renneker 4). It is not difficult for one to enter a college campus and cause harm with a firearm if they intend to do so, anyone who has been on a public American college or university campus has seen non-students passing through at some point. She also cites the Department of Homeland Security’s…show more content…
Anyone who is familiar with politics knows that Democrats are traditionally not very pro-gun, while republicans are traditionally very pro-gun. While there are exceptions to this, for the most part this is the fundamental break down of Democrats and Republicans in this regard. These ideas are typically founded on a fundamental view point, not on all the facts, and are supported by either side accordantly. During the Obama presidency many Americans felt that their second amendment rights would be violated by Obama. In 2013 the US had twice the amount of background checks for firearm sales than it did in 2007 (Jones and Stone 5). In 2013 US gun makers were not able to keep pace with demand for gun sales; Smith and Wesson, the largest publicly traded US gun maker, reported a 43 percent increase in sales compared to 2012, and more than double the number of backorders than they had in 2012 (Jones and Stone 5). Simply put, gun owners were scared that the Obama administration would wage war on the US firearm industry and thus they stockpiled weapons and ammo. This was due to Obamas promises to strengthen gun control in the US but was largely fueled by fear installed on the public by the NRA and similar groups with the claim that Obama would lead an effort to take their firearms away from them. Jim Barett, and industry analyst at C.L King and Associates Inc. in New York stated, “Obama is the best thing that ever

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