Anna's Life Story

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“No, I want my mom back”, I balled. Tears chilled my face in the cold fall wind. “ mum, mum”, I called in vain. Hurting my throat for nothing. “ I need to calm down, now”, I mumbled another gust of cool wind blew past my face sting my eyes. “I will see you soon”, Knowing how serious the men where, I probably never would. Tears threatened to spill once more but I just shoved them back. After the soldiers left things calmed down, I looked around, my friend Adda and her twin Abraham, then I spotted Grandmama. Out instinct I went to Grandmama yelling, “Grandmama, I am here, Grandmama!”. “ What, that sounds like Anna, Anna are you there?”Grandmama said. She then caught sight of me, “Oh it is you!”. We sat on the dirty ground and talked. Finally the dusty light from the cracks outside began to fade. “Well, dear great to see you alive”, Grandmama yawned. Alive, that word sent unbearable shivers down my spine. regardless I replied, “Goodnight Grandmama”. That night passed with chills creeping through the cracks of the car chilling everybody like eggs in a refrigerator. “cold, so cold”, I mumbled under my breath. After what seemed like hours I fell asleep, a restless sleep. I dreamed of a deep black hole that ate everything that came to close. Soon I was tumbling down in the darkness, the bottom was coming close, every detail was clear. The red colored dirt the tiny small rocks pointing up to get me. The ground inches away then, bright light flooded my vision. I realised I was
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