Anne Arundel County Recreation & Parks Case Study

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Anne Arundel County Recreation & Parks operates 10 regional parks, gardens, and sanctuaries, 159 miles of trails, 58 cultural and historic sites, and over 100 community parks (Appendix N). In total, Anne Arundel’s park land occupies over 9,000 acres, plus another 1,860 acres of state park land, such as Patapsco Valley and Sandy Point State Parks, as well as the County Fair Site (Maryland State Archives, 2017). The Patuxent Research Refuge is a 12,800 acre area governed by the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service. Residents have access to waterfronts for fishing, boating, and viewing, with additional Chesapeake-adjacent open space. Included in Anne Arundel’s public system are specialized facilities such as two swim centers, two golf courses, two outdoor
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