Anne Boleyn 's The First Wife Of Henry Viii

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Anne Boleyn is a figure that continues to fascinate us centuries after she met her end on the scaffold. The story goes that King Henry struggles with his conscience when it becomes clear that his wife Catherine will not give him a male heir. He meets Anne and falls in love, and as a consequence breaks with Rome and the Holy Roman Catholic Church to marry her. When she too fails to produce the elusive son he desires he has her executed. The second wife of Henry VIII, Anne’s is a biography that many know, and yet this juxtaposes with the reality that her story is often oversimplified by the salacious details of her life. In the context of the early English reformation, Anne was a player to the colossal events of this period and for this, her role in them deserves to be more closely examined. Anne is a fundamental part of the reformation to the extent that she allowed the door on it to be cracked open through key events such as the divorce from Catherine of Aragon, the ‘King’s Great Matter’, the Break with Rome, and the Royal Supremacy to take place. The idea of divorcing his first wife was not a relatively new one for King Henry. He had been married to Catherine of Aragon for almost two decades by the late 1520s. For years Henry had had a growing concern as Catherine, six years his senior, passed her childbearing years behind. It became increasingly likely she would not be able to bear a son. During their marriage, they had suffered misfortune, from multiple…
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