Anne Bradstreet And The Puritan Values

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Imagine being born in the 16th century where you have to act like someone you're not in order to fit in and having to be forced to believe in religions you're not comfortable with. When you think about it, it happens to most people every day like today some kids are forced to follow what their parents want not what they want and they grow up being someone their not. This causes you to be someone you're not and that could hurt you so bad mentally and physically. Having to believe something that doesn't seem right to you. But for some people it doesn't bother them having to believe certain religions because they are strong enough mentally and physically to get past it. That’s what happened to certain people in the Puritan time period like John proctor who crossed the ten commandments and had to get punished for it. People in that time period followed whatever everyone else was doing because it followed what god wanted for them. So in Anne Bradstreet's poems and Arthur Miller play, both used literary devices to portray their strength and flaws within the Puritan values. For Anne bradstreet “To my dear and loving husband” and “Upon the burning of our house” both portrays strengths to the Puritan value. For example, “Thy love is such I can no way repay;The heavens reward thee manifold, I pray” (Bradstreet's 9-10). The quote shows us inverted syntax by saying the heavens reward and personification by her saying i pray. With that you can see that the Puritan value is devotion to
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