Anne Bradstreet Character Analysis

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Bradstreet’s way of losing her material things was just as devastating and anyone else losing their material things but her outlook on losing those things was different than a great percentage of people. In Bradstreet’s eyes, God was the individual that gave the material things to her and her family as she stated, “I blest His name that gave and took.” (Bradstreet, 14). She She believed that when she died her eternal home would be Heaven and she wouldn’t have any of her material things anyway. Bradstreet had a hard time holding onto those thoughts as she sat and watched her home burn down with her trunk and chest showing. Since that was her home that was burning down, she was going through a short period time of wondering, “Didst thy fix my hope on mold’ring dust.” (Bradstreet, 39), Meaning that was she only focused on her hope the whole time or was she actually falling into her guilty pleasures of…show more content…
Many would be devastated for many weeks or months knowing that they have to start all over with no money, cars, house, or the little things that make you happy. She showed very little of selfishness during the fire since there was nothing she could do about, she thought that it was meant to happen because she was getting too wrapped up in her things. Overall, Bradstreet’s relationship with God is very strong and powerful considering the entire time of all of her possessions being burnt down, her head was on God and reasoning. Her family could be compared to puritans considering that her family is not worried about their things or possessions but about the eternal life that they will live one day without the things. At the end, she realized what was really important, and it wasn’t the house, car, clothes, or any of her objects, it was the relationship she had with God and the people around
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